Meet Lauren



Hey! Im Dr. Lauren Hazzouri. I prefer that you call me Lauren. Im a licensed psychologist, who specializes in the treatment of girls and women who are trying hard and not getting satisfaction. Through my life experience and training, Ive developed a program, The Hey Lauren Curriculum, that allows girls and women to break free from the symptoms secondary to the societal norms that keep us stuck, so all of us can live meaningful lives and feel fulfilled doing it. The key is to identify our symptoms, yet not identify with our symptoms. We are much more significant than our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We are bigger and bolder than our experiences. Its imperative that you see that, know that. When we pathologize ourselves, were internalizing the very system that we have the power overcome when grounded in who we are. So, the task becomes decreasing the noise and increasing our power.


Im crazy-excited to partner with GURLS TALK and serve you.


Im not here to teach you to get happy. I dont know what happy means. My goal is to teach you to #GetHere. Right Here. Right Now. When we fully embody all that we are, lifes ups and downsour self-destructive behaviors and symptoms feel much more like states than traits. Were already everything we need to be. We dont have to be our best selves. Our true selves are best enough. #ImHere to listen to you, share my perspective, and offer evidence-based insights and skill-sets that will allow you to see yourself clearly and respond rather than react to your immediate environment and the greater social context.


Theres not a chance youre going through something I dont understand. If somethings on your mind, reach out. Youre not alone. Often times we isolate for fear of sounding too (fill in blank) . Have no fear. Ive not only heard it all and seen it all, but Ive experienced my fair share, too. And God, it sucks when youre in itespecially when you dont know what the hell to do! So, utilize me. #ImHere for you.


Ive worked my ass off, learning how to livenot by choice. It was an act of survival. Everything I learned in my training, I tried. Every theory I read, I put to the test. Some of it worked. A lot of it didnt. Much of what I learned boiled down to STOP ITall of it. When we become obsessed with feeling better, were at risk of adopting supposed solutions that become problems in and of themselves and the vicious cycle ensues. Through trial-and-error, I figured out what tools ( healthy coping skills) work for me, and thats what we need to do for you. Life doesnt have to be this hard. Promise.


Im here to listen, answer your questions, and offer suggestions. Well figure it outtogether.


1.) Youre not crazy. Youre human.  2.) Youre not alone. Were in this together. 3.) Youre not the problem. Youre the solution.


Lets get unstuckindividually and collectively. Self-love is the boldest form of social activism. And GURLS, weve got a lot of work to do.


Im honored to be part of the GURLS TALK community.

xo, Lauren





Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, Licensed Psychologist, is founder at Hazzouri Psychology and, a project for women, where she provides evidence-based insights on the human condition, infused with the power of art and her signature wit.


Laurens on a mission to bring empirically-based psychology to the public. She contributes to a variety of online publications, provides candid talks to womens organizations across the country, recently partnered with Unilever and was cited in Forbes. Lauren has received multiple awards and honors for her work, educating teen girls and young women about mental health concerns and conducting self-esteem workshops for the past decade.


She has been dubbed a horse whisperer for teen girlsby the president of The Pennsylvania Psychological Association and is the 2016 recipient of The Psychology in the Media Award. Lauren is a member of the public education committee of The Pennsylvania Psychological Association and an active member of The American Psychological Association. For more from Lauren, visit @dr_lauren  and sign up for her weekly newsletter at