Get Up Girl

Art: Celine Mallari

Words: Danielle Boyd


Girl,why are you moping? Why do I smell doubt?

You are beautiful, smart, gorgeous. There's no reason to pout!

Get up girl, pick up your life, Bring it to your eyes

Now, what do you see? a person? a loser? nobody?

Well, I see someone blessed, just too blind to see

Open your eyes girl! You ARE going to be somebody

Do you see that red carpet? That gold light?

That pile of triumph? That wonderful night?

Move up girl, take the lead. You are no backup. You are no stead.

Watch out girl! Don't let hate cloud your mind.

Open your heart, see what you'll find

Love, Love, Love yourself be who you are

Reach out! Jump girl! Go catch that star

Be all you are. Be who you want to be.

This world is limitless, let your soul free

You are in control.

 So step out, come out of that door!

See the wonderful world you own and go explore.