lost boys and girls

By: Sarah Roselle

 Illustration by: the illustratrice

Illustration by: the illustratrice

This is for all of those from broken or damaged- no… demolished  homes. Whose irreparable ruins couldn’t provide shelter or warmth to even a baby mouse.

Seek shelter under your shade, the shadow of which is made up of the darkness and light found within. As one can’t exist without the other. You’ll know what makes up both of these contrasting shades. My own darkness is sorrow through a fractured haven and abandonment. My light is optimism through sisterly love and imaginative joy. I first generously felt both as soon as I was old enough to yield to my overwhelming capacity to feel. I used to run around in circles, never standing still, trying to lose my shadow in the process. Now I stand under my own shade and let these shadows, which are sometimes heavy as iron chains and light as paper aeroplanes, dance all over me, and in this way acceptance allows me to release their hold and embrace all that I am made up of. The reasons for why I am me. What a waste it is to be ashamed when you can’t change what has been. Be careful about what you constantly dwell upon, thoughts can act as either your anchor or your wings. Burn the victim card, then throw blame into the flames instead of to the wind. Carry both of these around long enough and finally they’ll poison you and transform into their cousin - self-pity. It is so important to acknowledge and move on. The world will not stop turning or stand still for anyone. This is a golden lesson.

We are as pure and whole as we are broken and flawed. We are proof that it is more than possible to exist with these contradictions and that is a beautiful thing.