(Aforementioned Sentiments)

Gurls Talk's Jean Estene has put together some of her work to share with the world. A note from her: Through my observations, thoughts and musings, I have developed this collection of fictional poems + anecdotes. The works are centered around relationships and personal reflections, centering around the perspectives of different women. All pieces are derived and rooted from a specific color and are intended to be read aloud. All works have been handwritten or initially voice recorded and transcribed by me. 


There is so much to be said about so much that we want to say but don’t want to say because we’re afraid to say that we’re afraid of (feel.ing)...

Sometimes we think much more than we say and say much more than we mean and it all transcends into meaninglessness; still our thoughts intervene and trick us into thinking that thinking is wrong and it would all be better if we didn’t think at all.




See the full book here: http://jeanestene.com/aforementionedsentiments/