Collage by: Vasiliki Agathokleous

Collage by: Vasiliki Agathokleous

I know you're tired. I know you've fought so hard to be right where you are. You have come so far yet you feel you have so much left to go. Every day comes with a new batch of worries that you carry heavily on your back alone. You put your own sorrows aside to tend to everyone else. Motherhood changed you in ways you never predicted. Having children is your biggest joy, but many times, it is also your biggest heartbreak. Life is not streamlined to be one way or another. One moment everything is beautiful, and the next you feel like you are crumbling to the dirt. I know you have wounds that have yet to be healed. Some fresh, some as old as me. Some from before my lifetime. I know they hurt you continually, and that you try your best to ignore them. Because you feel you have to. Because you are so used to taking care of everyone except for yourself.

I know you're tired, mom. But I want you to see that all you have done was not in vain. You are the reason for my existence. You are the reason for my internal strength. The reason I did not feel alone when I fell into darkness. You are the only one who has consistently held my hand my entire life. You are the reason I stand so tall and fight so hard to earn my rightful position in this world. Because of your dedication to me, I am on my way to giving my help to hundreds, potentially thousands of people that need it. By holding me up my entire life, you indirectly helped so many others. You are a gift to this entire world. A real-life angel.

I know you're tired, mom, but you need to know that you accomplished so much by getting to where you are now. I need you to rest easy knowing that you are enough. That you did everything right. You are exactly where you need to be. All the marks and changes in your body are beautiful because they represent everything you have struggled through. All of your victories, losses, battles. They are all part of you, and they are what make you magnificent.

I know you're tired. But it is time that you take a breath and relax, now knowing everything I have just told you. Sleep a little lighter knowing that you are the biggest blessing in my life, simply by existing. Tend to those wounds that you so often neglect. Drop those loads of worry off your back. Breathe easier, smile through your heart. Your existence is valid, important, beautiful, significant.

I know you're tired, but I also know you are so much more than that. You are a source of life. You are the foundation of our family. You are a pillar of strength for so many people. You are my mother.