Embellished talk x Gurls Talk x Nicole

GURLS TALK has teamed up with Embellished Talk, an online platform that explores the different works of textiles designers. Founded by Rebeckah Kemi Apara, she has picked four other designers and hand embroidered 20 t-shirts in various sizes. 100% of the proceeds from the t-shirts will go to the Baytree Centre; a women's and girls charity that supports social inclusion through educational programmes and activities.





Nicole Chui


Embroidery Artist and Founder of Fem Zine

Growing up in a family of four sisters, I've always known that having a group of supportive females is important. Naturally, this project hit very close to home. I love that Gurls Talk is that safe space where girls of all backgrounds can support each other without judgement, and I love fact that Adwoa uses her influential status to open more discussions about mental health for girls. It's brilliant that this exists because mental health is something everyone encounters every day, regardless of your identity. Gurls Talk needs to be around the world —especially in Asia where mental health is still extremely stigmatised. The shirts I stitched express deep issues in a loud and humorous way. They are definitely shirts that would make someone want to stop and ask questions, which is good because it creates open discussions and hopefully bring more people to Gurls Talk!


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Nicole has an embroidery workshop and exhibition coming up this week.  - workshop