Embellished Talk x Gurls Talk x Wasima x Jodie






Wasima Akhtar

Second year student at Central Saint Martins

I am Wasima and I am currently studying BA Textile Design at Central Saint Martins. What I enjoyed most about embroidering the t-shirts was that I used my favourite traditional embroidery techniques such as French knots, satin stitches and running stitches which was inspired by Bangladeshi kantha embroidery. Taking part in embroidering t-shirts for Gurls Talk meant a lot to me, knowing that I am part of a good cause that supports and helps young girls from all backgrounds.


Jodie Ruffle

Textiles Designer

I love the whole concept of Gurls Talk – an inclusive, supportive platform that values and celebrates everything female. It’s an amazing place to share, inspire and be inspired.

My work centres around a return to traditional craft and I love exploring the imperfections and unpredictability’s that come with the process of embroidery. When creating the t-shirts for Gurls Talk, I worked from the inside out, so all the knots and ends are on the outside. I wanted to really embrace the value of imperfections. Not only do I love the deconstructed aesthetic, but I think it’s an important message to all girls – imperfections are beautiful!