Crave me
when it’s convenient
I was a bit lenient
Disguised it as going steady
But you weren’t ready

Supposed to be a good time
But some days I would cry
Brutally picked at my brain
Almost convinced me
I was insane

Treated me so small
Claimed it was all my fault
Took responsibility
for things I didn’t do
Hoping I could
stay with you

Should’ve realized
this wasn’t my happy place
Only occasionally
it felt a safe space
Awfully inconsistent
Yet made yourself
the victim

Couldn’t even do
the bare minimum

So much disrespect,
What’s so hard
about giving context?
Perhaps you see me
as less

Only wanted to be
a good friend to you
A good partner for you
Bundled my affection
Give me your attention

Quick to leave me in the dirt
Did I forget my worth?
I try not to sink,
I’m amazing
I think

Didn’t listen to my friends
Warned it was a cycle
that never ends
Maybe I’m lucky
I’m sure I’m one
of many

When you get lonely
Don’t act like you own me
You’ve gotten bolder
But I won’t be
your placeholder

I truly wish you
the best
Hope you grow up
for the next