If a Kilogram is ‘one thousand grams’

But a milligram is one thousandTH of a gram

Then is an Instagram

  1. A measure of success
  2. A way to share your life with those you love,
  3. A way to share your life with those you want to love you
  4. A way to get out of awkward social interactions
  5. A way to look at more dogs
  6. All of the above

This Insta-Era has only existed for a mere 2,933 days – which in the grand scheme of everything is, well, nothing. It has however brought us the means by which an enormous amount of people – and due to new trends ‘robots’, now share moments and meals with their followers before their families. Its officially the era where we buy new shoes and instead of walking down the street to show them off, simply lie in bed, hair up, tracksuit on and post a picture (that chances are we took the day before when we were in the shop), watch the compliments, likes, shares and loves add up without even needing to put on a bra.

A bit to easy if you ask me, But then again I’m an avid “instagrammer” (no really, I could probably add it to my CV) so does that mean I am contradicting myself – in all honesty, I don’t even know the answer, so I don’t expect you to. Plus, the majority of the people I spoke to when planning this post didn’t know where they sat on the spectrum of love it or loathe it either. I berate the ‘’gram’’ for being a stage of instant gratification yet I have unshamefully post a picture, then instantly turned over my phone, or got in the shower – hoping that when I returned, my home screen will have amounted lines of “shoeloverxox likes your photo” and “JohnnyB commented on your picture” – please don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this?

So, whats better someone you know or someone you don’t? Oh, don’t look at me, I don’t know the answer either.

In the 60’s smoking wasn’t just something people did, it was something people encouraged. In the 80’s tanning and skin peeling were both trendy and chic. In 2010 people walk around taking photographs and grammin’ the majority of their lives. No biggie right? Alike the later discoveries of the repercussions of lathering oneself in oil and lying blistering or smoking cartons a day we have no idea what’s going to happen to the IG Generation for years when the #babiesofig grow up. Maybe there will be adverts with 14-year-olds having their eyes tested, eyeballs red and bloody, thumbs paralyzed from scrolling, and “Instagram Clogs the Mind with False preconceptions of Life and can lead to severe anxiety and depression” banners hanging from the motorways – or whatever we call the roads that we will be riding out hoverboards down. But I have absolutely no idea, so alike most things I simply suggest we use with caution.

In most cases, I consider myself an all or nothing person, I open a pot of hummus and it’s all or, no wait it is always all with a pot of hummus. Okay so that was a bad example, but maybe there should just be a warning overconsumption may lead to over comparison and thereof. There is nothing wrong with liking likes, it’s natural, but what’s not natural is then liking yourself more or less depending on the number of likes that like you got it?. So post, like, share and love but just remember just as what you’re posting is probably 1 milli‘gram out of your day so is what you’re seeing.

and as always, always follow more dogs.