Dear Brittany,


You are uniquely made in the image of the creator and there will be challenges that you will face throughout your life. You won’t fit in with the crowd and you’ll need to have skin as leather to sustain. The journey will be worth every moment as you carve out your path not only for yourself but for other artist in multiple disciplines. You’ll feel alone as the ‘No’s’ become greater in your 20’s, which forces you to create your own world for your work and music to exist but this is all a part of the divine plan.


Moving to New York and Los Angeles will be a vital turning point in your trajectory. These places allow you to expand and stretch in ways home could never suffice. They couldn’t appreciate your contribution until you’re gone, but the seeds you planted there would later bloom. As you leave your 20’s things seem to become more transparent settling into your skin confidently walking towards what success looks like for you. You learn early that there are no handouts and you have to work hard, forcing you to build your own table. People are naturally drawn to your light and willingness to build a community and ecosystem that sustains itself. They look to you as a leader although you feel insecure because you had to pretty much do everything yourself but… that is what makes you magical!


You realize that ‘someday this will all make sense’, the failures, mistakes, the successes, U-turns and wrong ways. The dust of your 20s settles and 30’s feel like a more “realized and refined” version of yourself. You’ve accepted that you’re that weird, quirky and an awkward black girl with an oversize fashion sense and hair game for decades!