Dear Crystal, 

Crystal, It’s me, I’m you from a few years down the road, a little older, a little wiser, but still dreaming big. Ending my teenage years, I think I’m exactly where you wanted me to be. I’m becoming a Singer, I’m following my legacy, and everything seems so amazing. The lyrics you wrote, the songs you learned, the music you made with papa, the admiration you gave to every single performer you saw, it was all worth it. You’re here girl! It is just the beginning but I think you’re going to have a little journey, full of ups and downs so I need you to breathe and be strong.
Be Patient.
Now, how are you? How is the inside of you? I know you are probably questioning yourself a lot. That does not change, it stays. The unstoppable questioning of yourself. But you’ll grow, and you‘ll understand that by growing, you are changing. You’ll take more responsibilities. The innocence you had as a child will one day disappear, and you will feel that step. The questions will still be there but they will help you to burst your bubble.
Believe in your Ideas.
The years will pass and the world in front of you will grow with you. Your schoolmates, the technology of the world, your parents, everything will get older, your big brothers will change.
You will be living in this over-connected generation and it will sometimes make you really sad because real life can sometimes be blurred by it.
It’s not like how you felt when you were a kid, when the emotions you got were real, came from the impulse of your heart or brain. Now, sometimes, your little device controls it.
But the other part of your generation is quite amazing, we grew to be super aware of things. We understood the problems that we wanted to fix: the world, our place as women, what is good or wrong.
You don’t know it yet, but you will thank mom and dad, so much. For the education, they gave to you and your brothers.
Loved by the family atmosphere they put in. How their work was a part of our education, how every vacation was touring, travelling, meeting new people, learning new languages. You will thank them for giving you knowledge of the outside world, not just yours. What the world is. By giving this to you, you learned to be an open-minded person, to embrace differences, to work hard to do something you love, to create.
Be patient.
You will fight with mom, you will start going out really young, and at that moment you will have to protect yourself. You are always going to do what you want to do, but by doing that you’ll hurt a lot of people, around you that love you. You’ll be very shallow for a little time, the social media will eat you alive and your social life will be on point; a lot of sharks will be around you but you will have some pretty amazing girlfriends to build you up. All these mistakes will make you so strong. All the fakeness around you will make you want to explode, at time, but your energy will be yours again. You will understand that you need realness in your life: real emotions, real feelings, and I love you for that. At a very young age you understood a little bit of yourself, I’m so proud of you for this, you grew so fast. I think that I forgot some crucial steps, but you will pick them up along the way.
I love you, I’m still working on us a lot, I’m still discovering new feelings to feel, and it’s pretty amazing.