Dear Lebanon,

You have fought time and time again,

But your beauty never withers

From Beirut to Mount Lebanon

To the Ibrahim River


The lady of Lebanon watching over

Another shepherd’s delight

The city lights shine opal,

Not a cloud in sight


Symphony of the traffic,

Alarming and profound

The smoke lingers from the cigars

Of the evening round


Nour El Ein , playing on repeat

Reminiscent of the past

Chorus of dancers

A sheer chiffon mask


Gather round at the seat of the table

Feast your eyes

Taboulleh, Knafeh,

Kinder surprise


But that’s a distant memory,

So far gone

Lebanon my heart aches for you

I know you will live on


Pain from the blast,

Brings darkness once more

Remember the Port that

Once looked over the shore


Beirut, family, I wish you the world

One better than this one

But for now keep shining your light

There’s a revolution to be won