Gaining strength is a constant progress of ambition towards your goals without losing focus on important values that contribute to your outlook on life. The term “strength” is ambiguous to me, thus it can be understood by mental or physical stamina. One necessitates the other, when getting yourself out of that bed to work out.

When most people hear “working out”, they immediately associate it with the type of fitness as seen in sport magazines or lingerie commercials, as I used to do too. I must confess, I was also motivated by looks at first, and started working out with the intent of burning calories, when looking back, I was barely even eating. I liked working out with others because I felt like I needed the competition as a motivation. I was narrow-minded, falsely thinking getting skinny would make me pretty and defining strength by the stamina of resisting foods and enduring the suffering of forcing yourself, because I believed being skinny would make my problems vanish.

I spent years in therapy discussing these issues, but what truly altered my view, was leaving my routine, moving into various environments and exploring myself in these new spaces. I started with circuit trainings and am now into different crossfit fields, including weight lifting, high intensity interval training and bodyweight exercises. My aim is to develop balanced skills in different fitness disciplines: endurance, strength, agility, speed, balance, coordination and accuracy. Every circuit, and every set is a challenge, but I acknowledge every little repetition. I am constantly motivated to try out new sports in order to explore my capabilities and my body and have started running sporadically to free my mind.

With every workout, I can feel myself getting stronger noting my posture, the weights I use and, most importantly, by the way I feel. I am confident with what I do, and proud of my transformation. I have finally found my inner balance through physical exercise.

I could make it sound cliché when telling you how I learned to enjoy life, because I would more likely describe it as enjoying to live and appreciating every thought you are allowed to think and every movement you are able to make. I perceive being active as a privilege in my daily life and am proud of what I achieved, from the minimal point, to the greatest. There is no specific goal I am aiming to reach someday, but rather I am working towards my ambitions.

I will not deny being someone who does not care about looks, but it is not a priority, which took time for me to realize.

Strength – the essence of all self-confidence and love, targeting the goal of a healthy life and inner balance – the one ambition that has brought me so much further.