I am love
We are love
Love is every atom and every drop of water and every breath of air
I love the world and this life so much I can’t breathe
Liquid gratitude flows from the delta of my soul
Opening, mouth of the river wide,
Into the endless seas of life, creatures, energy, light, dark, land, ocean, air We are love.

Thank you, mother
And by that I mean
Mother Earth, and mother of mine Whose image I grow into
More clearly each day
And by that I mean
Eyes, lips and nose
But more so heart, mind and spirit.

The cord is cut from the belly
But a stronger one grows from the soul The first cry from the still-blue baby Lungs burst open, and with them,

Her eyes, beholding the first truth The great gift and the great trauma Of being a girl.

Who would have thought
That after years and years of scars
Obtained at the hands of men
My mother’s greatest gash, cutting like caution tape across her torso, Fenced off by rippled skin and scar tissue,
Would be the wound of bringing another woman into this world?

She let me tear her open, out of the womb and onto the Colosseum stage Knowing no sword could protect me
Better than the sharpness of my own tongue.
So perhaps I left the most gruesome mark on purpose

And by that I mean
To say, stay away, cold world
She’s bled enough for the rest of her days.

She is love

Women are the backbone of love

The skeleton of devotion

The internal organs of strength

And by that I mean, women and femmes of all identities, as birth, and birthing, do not a woman make.

The divine feminine cannot be defined For isn’t that true of all things divine?

The divine right of Kings, for example Owed us no explanation
So, by such rule, nor do we owe you Think of that the next time you ask Can I get a smile baby?

We are love
Rows of gratitude
Sown with seeds of joy, watered with life
Each year a new harvest, compounding the feast There are few dry years
On the farm in my heart.