For those who don’t know could you explain what the #UnibrowMovement is and why you started it?

I started the unibrow movement in an effort to unite and bring comfort to people who embraced their differences. Growing up I was definitely looked at as the weirdo for being different to my peers. I was often picked on for my quirky style, my weight, my height, and even my outgoing personality. To be honest, I felt really isolated because of my differences. I started this social media based movement to show the world that they do not have to hide what they want to be or who they are because of potential rejection. Social media is an incredible outlet where people can connect with others across the world – but it can also be a pretty scary platform if you are not ready for the potential judgement. I believe today a lot of people try to play it safe to avoid judgement. This obviously frustrated me a lot growing up because I was never scared of being made fun of, considering I was bullied almost every single day at school. I started this movement to help others, but more importantly, I decided to let my eyebrows grow because I really liked the way it looked on me. I personally think there is immense power in a person’s ability to refute pressure and confidently say NO to things the beauty or fashion industry wants to jam down our throats. Just because others do not look like you, does not mean you should not look like you.

How do you stop offensive comments on social media getting to you?

My natural response to a lot of things is to defend myself or someone I think is being cornered. As much as it really frustrates me sometimes, there is a lot of power in silence. I will usually just ignore them – unless you catch me when I am having a bit of a bad day then you are in for a treat lol. I am not scared to respond to hate, but I do really think about if it is worth it or not. I don’t want to come off like I am emotionless to hate, because I am certainly not – but it really does not bother me as much as people think it should to be really honest with you. I think when you just really like something, you are naturally stubborn in that love so any people disagree with you are not that important.

How do you think we can teach people young and old to be more body positive?

As someone who is often asked by others to give advice to someone who is less confident or less accepting of themselves, it is actually really difficult. From my experience someone on the outside, will never have the power to influence or change your current mindset. Every day when I was a preteen, my mom would tell me I was beautiful and that I had a lovely body, but it never stuck with me until I started to believe it and just trust myself – and in turn others who were close to me too. Sometimes you have to honestly fake it until you make it, but it REALLY helps to see more of a variety of body shapes featured now in campaigns because it shows that an ideal body type can be anything! Your body nurtures you and gives you so much, the exterior is secondary to how well it takes care of you – it is important to remember that and cherish it always.

Past or present, who would you consider a role model in the body positivity movement?

Marilyn Monroe because she has inspired the style and body acceptance of so many without even realizing it! Today there are so many legends behind this body positivity movement, but I think the most iconic thing about Marilyn was that no one ever spoke about her size because it was never a big deal. Size does not have to be as big of a deal as people make it today. It shouldn’t be revolutionary for a designer to feature a stunning size 16 woman in a runway show, it should be expected? Who Marilyn Monroe was, and her talent as an actress and model spoke louder than her size – her beauty is what people remember of her today, not necessarily her size.

What do you class as your strengths and vulnerabilities?

I am really good at giving advice, but i am the WORST at listening to it. I am really good at just getting on with things

Where or what is your ‘safe space’?

My safe space is wherever my family is – family is always home for me.

Tell us about your relationship with social media

There are some real assholes online these days, but honestly there are way more cool and forward moving individuals so the bad comments never really get to me. I see a lot of support and love on the internet and it means so much to me.

How do you practice self-care? / What channels or methods do you use to support yourself?

It honestly really helps to talk to people when you are feeling down. Just being able to share what is on your mind usually takes a lot of my anxieties away. I love talking to my boyfriend and my Mom. I also really love glaming myself up when i feel like shit. At least i look great if i don’t feel it you know? Lol

Which gurls have inspired you past and present?

I think the women of the old village in Cyprus are truly the most inspiring people to me. My grandmother was forced into a domestic role as a wife many years ago but still managed to show her strength as an individual. My dad always speaks of my Yiayia (grandmother) when he describes strength – i feel like that speaks volumes. The women who sacrifice so much of themselves inspire me alot. It is important to be selfless in this life but to still know how to take care of and push yourself out of your boundaries or confinement.

How would you describe your style?

Growing up I never had the money to buy expensive designer pieces like so many young people today. I am sure a lot of people can relate that their style was truly born in their local thrift store. I love mixing old pieces and new. My style is definitely random and eclectic. I do love leather and latex though. Imagine halloween at your grandmother’s house vibes.

Tell us about a time you have had to establish your personal boundaries

Since most of my business is on social media, i usually find myself on my phone a lot. I recently had to start setting my own boundaries when it comes to speaking to people and being online. I try to make sure my phone isnt the first or last thing i see before i start or end my day. I want to experience life, not just document it for others to see.

What would you say to little girls with unibrows?

You are changing so much and you do not even realize it – thank you.