Even when my bare feet touched asphalt on those late nights that mother was gone.
I’ve always been a stunning beauty even where I had sewn the sides of my shoes to go to school without lunch, without breakfast.
I was always someone who saw only the future and not dwelling on the present with worries of my not-haves. It was poured into me I guess by the almighty on that day I was old enough to retain memory. I had memorised that I was only as good as I thought I could be and I thought I was great.
I was almost nobody when the interfering tongues of my peers began to state my lack-of what they thought I needed and I would’ve been nobody if I believed. But I stayed believing.
I was always somebody.
I was the little girl who dared to dream the forbidden desires of the poor, I dared to want to become better simply because I thought I was good enough.
I was the young woman that forced out insecurity and held confidence up high through self-appreciation and love.
I was always somebody because even though I didn’t eat three square meals, had moisturized skin and pampered hands I was determined to be my best yet. I held onto my dreams in the coveted arms of my heart, willing them into reality.
I am somebody, I cannot regret my past since it is what moulded me but I also cannot regress to a lower state of mind where things were made impassible. I intend to burn my brightest light, searing whatever doubts I may have been left with.

Ensuring my success and peaked potential, I was always someone because I dreamed it but with the added audacity to believing…