If I Have A Son was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the events around the murder of George Floyd.  For me, it is such a personal song.  When I wrote it, it was more like a diary entry.  I had all these things – feelings, thoughts, that I wanted to say for such a long time, and during that particular month – these same emotions were at the forefront of everything.  I just had to sit there to put all those emotions into a melody. Initially, I didn’t even really think I was going to release the song. Once I played it for some friends and family, they really pushed me to do that – and said, “it was such an important message and song.” In the end, to be able to share that with so many people, and my fans and have them hear and understand it as well – turned out to be a very good experience for me.

I am someone who doesn’t have children, but I’m an older sister, and I can empathize and visualize what it’s like to have children right now – based on these recent events. I have so many younger family members – that look up to me and the older family members – that has allowed me the experience a sort of parental role. I know it’s not the same thing – it allows me to imagine that experience.  Recently, when I am was with my family and my friends, we talk about this situation often – how it is a daunting fear solely because of the stuff we have been through, and things I’ve personally endured, and seeing what my younger brother has been through too. These events and experiences you go through and think about – you don’t just block that out of your mind.  To think about your future, to think about “how am I going to advise my child someday about the things that I’ve been through.

Seeing what’s going on in the world, I felt helpless. What can I do? What difference can I make? I wanted to make a difference and help support the many organizations that are bringing attention to this critical time. All proceeds from the release of If I Have a Son are going to multiple Black Lives Matter organizations. For me it’s just about really wanting to do something, and I am fortunate to have a platform where people listen. I might as well say something that matters.  As I have gotten older and I am able to understand what is really important to me – it’s using my platform and to say things that really matters and do things that are important.  Moving forward it’s definitely something I want to focus on – in my career as a singer-performer, in my personal life, in everything!