Who am I?

On the news, on the radio, on the TV, on your phone

In your head, in your heart, on your mind, grabbing at your sanity

Who am I?

In your conversations, in your family, in your morning cup of coffee

On your tongue, in your eye, in your throat

Who am I?

On your hands, in your nose, on your face

On your clothes, in your house, on your favourite pair of gloves

Who am I?

Between you and your friend, between you and your love, between you and your date

Between you and your neighbour, between you and yourself

Who am I?

I disrupt your peace, I make you question reality, I make you question your sanity

I make you confused about where you are going and where you have been, I make you see the truth

The truth of yourself, the truth of humanity, the truth of the world, the truth of our minds, the truth of the character of our impulses, the truth of your strength.

I will make you redefine love. Will you remember me?