Baby, I know exactly what you feel.

I know you are a little scared, not sure if anybody will help you when you’ll need help.

You’re not sure how to behave to fit in and make others respect you.

You’re so tired of pretending, I can clearly see it, but you still try to belong.

Honey, I appreciate your strong will to fight for yourself and your dreams.

You used to have horrible nightmares, constant anxiety and suicidal thoughts and look at you now. Obviously sometimes you still feel like you don’t know, where is it all going, but you don’t have to know.

When it comes to you, there is one thing which always impresses me, you really can do whatever you put your mind to.

I don’t even understand where your doubts are coming from, cause girl, look at you!!! Look what you have accomplished. It is about time you realize that your hard work matters, your feelings matter, you matter in general.

I know you love your friends and family unconditionally, but don’t you ever forget to love yourself even more!!!

I wonder why are you so scared of planning things and I came to a conclusion that you might be scared of succeeding and owning your life, but you are getting closer & closer to this stage every day.

Don’t get so scared, because I will be there for you no matter what, no matter what the others will say.

I really believe in your potential and I see how you have progressed over this years.

Always try to treat yourself the same way you would treat your daughter, always be there for yourself in these tough moments.

I will tell you something, if you will not be the one making sure that your life improves, nobody will.

Stick to your goals honey and if something goes wrong, try again or slightly change your path.

At the end of the day, it is all about standing up straight even after million failures.

I love the way you are, the loving side of you, the empathy you hold inside.

Think more about what success is to you, don’t look for other people’s definition.

Tell me please, what success is to you?

Feeling comfortable in your skin?

Being comfortable to share your opinions?

Being surrounded by people who want you to succeed?

I believe that gradually you will get there, if you will keep on listening to your needs!

There is nobody else in the world who knows you better, remember that!!!