You’ve consumed my being
Hard to pinpoint the beginning
Four, five
So many tears
Feeding my fears
So ugly and scary
Attacking when happy
You are colossal next to

Keeping me up at night
Nothing feels right
Stay in bed the following day
Energy and motivation taken away

Time is senseless
You tell me I’m worthless
“Why do you seek bliss,
if your future does not exist?”
My brain is foggy
My observations, third person
Am I really here, or am I just floating?

Perhaps I’m drowning

So frightened by your power
Give me back my crown
Every day is a struggle
Don’t want to stick around

I’ve been distant,
I apologize
Mental health lows on the rise
I don’t want you to know me like this
I don’t want you to think I am this
I’m not crazy
Please embrace me

Sharing isn’t easy
But I hope it starts the healing
Don’t want to keep it inside
I really want to see the light
Burying it has gotten heavy
But now I think I am ready

Depression is a curse
Makes my world so much worse
No longer a stranger
But I’m still in danger
I thought it was a phase
but it seems to be my place

I know this is a lot
Please don’t be alarmed
I’m still funny and vibrant

When I’m not silent

Deep down my dark soul
I want to have more control
I need a better roommate
You make me feel so