tell me, did my outfit entice you?
the sight of my stomach
my upper thighs
my bare shoulders
my breasts
it must have been my fault
because of the way that i dressed

perhaps it was my flirting
dancing too
that made you believe you had the right
to do what you wanted to do

you had done it before
what’s one more?
for you’ve always gotten your way
up to this day

keep quiet, i could not
my body wouldn’t let me
i fell ill with the stress
of keeping it with me

sister, oh sister
please help me
but don’t tell our parents
for i fear they’ll resent me

the opposite was true
for they tried to help me through
it was the justice system
that made me feel blue

female detectives with the same idea
as those predator boys
that my outfit
my drinking
my flirting
insinuated that i was a sex toy

they put me through hell
just to tell me my rapist was blameless
fast forward seven years
and i still cannot shake this

the shame
the pain
the feelings of being insane
all the same reasons
my sisters have pain

you see, our society is built
on protecting the man
if you speak up
you’ll be blamed
in this twisted rape culture game

seek sisterhood with the good ones
it’s what got me through
continue our fight together
maybe one day
they’ll believe our stories are true