The deadline to register to vote is 26th November…register to vote and have your say!


Registering to vote means you will have your say in who will be the next Prime Minister

There are 3 ways in which you can vote!

  1. Postal Vote – Deadline to apply for Postal vote is 5pm November 26 (5pm November 21 in Northern Ireland). You will receive a voting pack. Your postal vote will need to arrive at your electoral office before 10pm December 12 and ANYONE can apply
  2. Proxy Vote – This is when someone can vote on your behalf. YOU CAN ONLY APPLY UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES: Being away on polling day, having a medical issue/disability, away for work or military service
  3. In Person Vote – You can vote in person at a polling station. You will be told the correct station to vote at


If you want your vote to have a big impact in your constituency you can vote strategically. Head over to to learn more


You can register at your university home. You CAN’T vote in both places but tells you where your vote will make the biggest difference!

Head over to to register!