To be alive these days is a blessing,
To feel safe when alone
On no streets are they safe?
Short skirts and no jackets they say,
Should of been more careful they say,
But for them to say otherwise
Is impossible.

To be able to run naked,
To be able to be free fully clothes,
To be them and to be me,
They should be able to be.
But unfortunately society surrounds us,
And says otherwise.

We need safety for our girls and women.
We need our littles to be able to
make it to their thirties feeling safe and free,
Without any other shadowing what that could be.

For our marginalised people that still ______
behind the closed curtains,
Wishing for safety to be,
is a close call for you and for me.
May all our girls who feel hardship run free,
All the women who thought they could never be, and all the marginalised groups of people know better times may come

But for now remember,
The safety for you is number one,
for you to feel at home and safe naked at midnight will come.
We must make a difference for the ones we’ve all created, to give home a difference and surroundings stay lit,
With hope in the heart to know we’ve done it.