I’ll start with that today. In any case I do not claim to be a person who reads things etc! I really want to be clear on this point. I just share what I’m going through, what I’m feeling, and what conclusion I draw from it.
What is it to be self-aware?
Concerning myself, I would say that it is the fact of having gone through a multitude of good and / or bad experiences that allow you at a given moment to be able to say:
 I work like this or like that
I feel it this way
I like this or that
I don’t like this or that
I can accept this or this
I can’t accept this or that
I am who I am and it doesn’t matter if I don’t fit everywhere
I am not afraid to « lose » things or people if I feel like they are not good to me
When you start being aware that you’re worth it by yourself and you stop looking for this answer in people around you, then you are on the road to a real self love, self respect and balance in your life.
Be aware of yourself. Be aware of the love you have inside you and the love you give around you.
It’s not a question about stopping to give love. It’s a question about being aware of the amount of love and respect you give around you that in any case will not hurt you back.
I’m in a journey right now where I have learnt that instead of people that grew up with you and your family, not anyone else will take the time to understand you and « judge » you the right way, « the you way ». Whatever the goods and the mistakes you have done.
It’s not because you were right, good and you were giving to them the love that you were actually looking for that they will give you back all of that and not be mean or on a judgement about you.
I believe in spirituality.
I believe in energies.
I believe in souls.
I believe in LOVE.
I think whoever you meet in your life, even if it ends badly, this person has a role to play and something to learn to you.
I was (I still am but with barriers) the kind of person that believes in people’s humanity, kindness and love. So at first, when I use to meet someone I felt that we were connected somehow and didn’t put any barriers between us. And this was in any kind of relationship.
I had many relationships (friends, not friends…, family etc…) where I had this way of acting and thinking. Why ? Because I do LOVE sincerely people in general. I like to share things sincerely with people. I don’t have anything to hide or to be ashamed of so when I actually talk to people I’m really being ME.
People say that I’m naive …
The thing with being like this, open, and so in love with people is that (with my experience) people think that you’re dumb and weak. Especially those who don’t take the time to really understand you. They only take the time to take advantage from you.
But the thing is that I prefer to be naive or/and weak instead of not being true and real to myself.
Being true to yourself and to people is not a weakness. It’s a strength !
I’ve been hurt by so many people because I was giving them the love that I was looking for. I thought that if they didn’t gave me back the love that I was giving to them, then I was the problem so I was changing myself to fit to their personality … I thought that by doing that, they will give me back the love that I was sharing to them.
But the fact is that by doing that, I was literally saying « I do not respect myself, I do not love me enough, I’m not confident enough, I’m not strong » . I realized that I was looking for things in people that I could easily give to myself.
Being self-aware, is realizing that you’re worth it. If your relationships with people doesn’t work as you were expecting, ask yourself first what is YOUR part that you did wrong.
Be humble about it, forgive you and then ask THEIR part that they did wrong. Talk about it and however it ends, forgive them and move on !
If you feel that you’re always in fight with people and that people are still judging you instead of giving you constructive critics, then they are not good enough for you. They are not sensitive to your feelings and to the way you are!
Don’t put all the blame to yourself because you will always find people that will understand you and support you just the way you are.
It take experiences, time, patience. It can be hurtful but you will always find someone that will be sensitive and comprehensive to you!
Self awareness is knowing YOU, being confident about who you are and attract people that are sensitive to that !
It takes me time to realize all of that. I had friends, family that supports me and help me to realize who I really am. So keep close to you the people that make you feel better at any time and situations. They are pet of the process to!