Dead parents club

by @mydocuments

‘Mumma left us on a day in march. She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t have a choice. She did everything, We did everything To maybe prevent it. - - You can never believe when bad, sad things happen. You gasp and feel a small pang of sadness for those poor people. You could never even think about bad, sad things happening to you. But then you feel it sort of creep in slowly And surely bad, sad things can happen to you. - - Mumma had her last joint and her last sip of amoretto on a day in March. It wasn’t fair for her anymore She fought to hard to feel this weak It’s sad. - - It’s really sad, and the saddest thing of all is that your world stops turning for some time and it seems everyone else’s keeps spinning. It seems everyone else still has a mumma and you don’t Which isn’t true - - Your part of an exclusive club now, Your part of the motherless or fatherless club The missing out on that relationship club The cry until it hurts club The cocked head to the side, wide-eyed and ‘how are things’ Club - - It’s a bit like after school club Everyone that belongs to it doesn’t like the reason they have to go to after school club But everyone just sort of gets on with it And everyone that belongs to it gives each other a nod in the corridor cause WE KNOW We know why we have a common ground We know that on some sort of level we can kind of, sort of understand the other persons hurt. - - Mumma passed away on a day in March Two years ago She had cancer for 18 months She shaved her head She laughed as much as she cried And she never for a moment stopped living Her leaving has changed everything in my family’s life Christmas, birthdays, weddings, music, art, hugs... It all feels different - - We say ‘I love you’ more and mean it. And we are part of arguably one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet. The dead parents club.’ - -