by @@sbrb_is_aliche

The means of mass distribution make it possible to spread a message, without requiring a personal contact between the issuer and the recipient, including individuals in the topics from which they would otherwise be excluded. The news is dominated by a pyramidal system that causes them to spread based on the credibility of the institution or the source media. In this regard, the role of the Spin Doctor takes over: skilled information manipulators who, in order to have the consent of the public opinion, do not respect their objectivity and objectivity. The main means of mass communication in recent years are added tools that use digital communication applications and, given their accessibility, we are all potential journalist reporters, reporters, and potential Spin Doctor. I have therefore decided to sabotage the system from which we are perpetually influenced, information is responsible in the short term for a change in the thinking of the reader, which in the long term will bring ideas, preconceptions, stereotypes, dogmas and forms of thought. It is therefore not at all risky to say that information has a significant weight in the formation of the present and future society. Here is that the mass often finds itself talking about topics that it thinks are important, convinced that the foundations on which they are founded are credible, while in reality, at the source, there is someone who is playing arbitrarily with the good faith of the people. The ultimate effect consists in a phenomenon of rebellion in which, by dint of manipulating the masses, these tend not to place any more trust in the institutions. From here comes "FAKE NEWS MAGAZINE", a witty satire on the conditions of the dissemination of today