I want my story back

by @lianethornton

Yeah, I’m fine now! Yeah, Yeah- You’re right, it was a while ago! No, No- Don’t worry about me. How do you explain darkness to someone who has never seen it? When I’m stumbling around in the dark looking tipsy and vulnerable you say- “One of these days you’ll get hurt”. “You had us worried”, “you should be more careful”, “anything could happen”. But I’m already hurt, so what difference does it make? Yeah, I mean, I guess it would be bad if I got hurt again. But then again, this feeling probably isn’t going away so what does it matter anyway? It wasn’t enough to make the news or anything. It’s kind of old news now anyway. Fake news maybe. I guess it’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of stories. I gave myself to him and he didn’t look after me. I gave my story to you and you didn’t look after that either. As my story was told piece by piece- the police, friends and pretty much anyone who would listen after I’d had a few drinks got to have an opinion. “Ugh, what a dickhead. We never liked him anyway. You deserve better.” “There is a lack of doctor reports and evidence. He’s denying the 8 charges against him. Sorry.” And then- that’s it. You’re safe now, we love you, what else matters? I guess you’re right. That was the problem and now it’s gone so I guess let’s just carry on. The problem is- I held my story, so close for so long, and now I want it back again. You don’t care for my story anymore, you just want me back. All I want is my story back.