My mental health

by @@papillon_1978

A year ago I didn’t want to be here which saddens me to say, as I have everything to live for! Thank god for finding the strength to talk to people and them listen to me and not make me feel silly about how I was feeling. Not everyone has that support unfortunately 😔 Looking after your Mental Health is as important as looking after your physical health, which I have learnt. On #worldmentalhealthday this is a shout out to everyone who’s has supported me ❤️


It took a lot for me to write this on my social media on world mental health day! I thought I’d be judged, which I maybe was by some people behind closed doors! The love and support that followed after posting it made me very happy to be alive! I am still living with menatal health problems but I now have the ability to see the sun through the clouds ⛅️ Counseling, yoga, running and talking to family and friends these are all things that have helped me have more good days than bad ☺️