Navigating Through Millennial & Muslim Life

by @@xayaatriayaa

so i don’t have a lot to say on this month’s theme because i’m a muslim. and if you don’t know already, fornication is a sin in the religion. so there’s pros and cons to that. in this way i get to be really choosy and not just be idealistic about it bc everyone loves differently and everyone’s sexuality is different. but then again i do look at my old friends and they have kids, boyfriends, etc and it is weird trying to understand your sexuality when you can’t even masturbate but i grew fascinated with my body since i was 15, writing free verse poems and now, i’m on my way to publishing my first poetry collection! it’s called The Breast Mountains Of All Time Are In Hargeisa and it’s inspired by Naasa Hablood which in Somali means ‘girl’s breasts’ or ‘the breasts of women’ (it’s ok if you can’t pronounce it properly). my bedroom would face those mountains and the sun would rise from right between! ooh i loved it it made me feel sooo feminine! i loved looking at those mountains, i loved being in touch with nature and even though i don’t have some crazy ‘break the bed’ story, i know that my story counts because i don’t want women who choose a religious life to feel like they’re missing out. we just have to find another way.