by @anniwaabuachie

TITLE: Same But Different  DURATION: 13 Mins  GENRE: Documentary  SUMMARY: There are many nuances to the black identity but only a few come to light.  This has been shaped by the entertainment industry, the media. Hollywood has filtered our perception of what a black woman looks like, what she thinks and feels.  For some women, this has opened the gateway into a community that may have been distant and unattainable, but for others, this has muted their stories and created a new narrative that is rendering their perspectives, to the point of extinction. This film documents a conversation between a mixed race- black woman and an African-Black woman, exploring and highlighting their similarities and differences. Ultimately there cannot be a change for or within the black community until we acknowledge ALL of those who feel invisible and marginalised, only then can change happen inside and out. FILM LINK :