World Mental Health Day 2022: Celebrating Community

Feeling like you’re not alone is so important when it comes to mental health. That’s why this year for World Mental Health Day we’ve made it our mission to shift the conversation from me to we with a special Gurls Talk Guide to Celebrating Community that helps us all better understand our communities as well as the ways we can support and be supported by them.

Meditate with paleta

Taking care of your mental health at the moment is a high priority for most of us, so we’ve teamed up with London-based movement artist, yoga teacher and dancer Paleta, to bring you an exclusive Gurls Talk guided meditation. Follow along to calm your throughs and reconnect with yourself.

The Gurls Talk Podcast

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Question Cards

This isn’t the time to talk about the weather. This is the time to talk big and really share what’s going on. You never know how someone’s feeling until you really ask, so use these questions to delve deep, and skip the small talk. It might just spark the connection we’re all longing for right now.

Gurls Talk Together Live

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the Gurls Talk Live panel event, ‘Coping with Change and Adaptation.’ Watch as hosts Adwoa Aboah and Dr Ciara Dockery talk to guest panellists about how to stay strong (and sane) during isolation.

Coping tips from Dr. Ciara Dockery

Need a quarantine cheat sheet? This video is it. Watch Gurls Talk Live host and clinical advisor Dr. Ciara Dockery break down her top tips and tricks to stay sane during the lockdown. Explore the hows and whys behind the things we can do to improve our emotional well-being during these uncertain times.