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Self Growth

Self Growth - Thandeka Nkomo

Wouldn't it be so powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy?

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Gurl Gang

Confetti Crowd

Confetti Crowd are a group of 20 something ambitious,independent, determined and career driven girls, aiming to inspire and empower young females across the globe. Living proof that you can turn any dream or crazy idea into a job.

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Self Help

Alice joiner talks eating disorders

The aim of an eating disorder is to kill you. As a woman, it denied every single thing about who I am as a person, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Gurls Art

Gurls Talk with Polly Nor

Polly is best known for her dark and satirical drawings of women and their demons.

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Gurls on top

Women Are Taught to Resist Doing What They Want

Growing up a girl, it’s more normal to hear your elders discouraging you from trying things rather than encouraging you to.

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Latest News

How My Skin Took Over My Mind

Think it is safe to say my life hasn’t been plane sailing, yet from the outside looking in people seem to think otherwise, that is why it is so important to truly use that saying you learnt when you were a kid – don’t judge a book by its cover.


Ashnikko is an artist unafraid to assert her identity and believes, with no compromises and no fucks given. After releasing her female empowerment anthem ‘Blow’, the London-based American artist has today dropped a visceral new track in the shape of ‘Invitation’.

Adwoa’s bus that trumps hate

Gurls Talk teamed up with Romance Journal and Women Under the Influence in January for the Women's March on Washington D.C. check out the video we made together! Featuring so many incredible women and interviews. Check it out below:

An ode to the masterpiece that is the female anatomy

As any young female I have struggled with self acceptance, learning to have a voice, and the constant battle with conforming to society's ideals of how I should be.

Channeling Bi-polar + OCD Into Art

I was diagnosed, or doctors like to say, that I am bipolar and obsessive compulsive.The only thing I know for sure is that my most loved disorder is my passion for Art! It has really helped me, not being painless but feeling that my problems can be useful if I am able to canalize them through painting.

The Unresolved

I find a strange comfort in collecting images, It's a way of filling my head with beautiful things, dulls any pain and masks insecurity. Collecting images of women feels as if I'm collecting wild flowers-building a personal Eden