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Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday With Aarti Kumari

Looking after my friends...but who looks after me?

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Behind The Instagram

Behind The Instagram - Lucinda Graham

Instagram has the chance to be detrimental towards our mental health, but only if we allow it to be. We are the ones in control. That means who you follow, what visual narrative and message you allow yourself to consume online.

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Gurls On Top

Get In Her Ears

Promoting and Supporting Women In Music

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Gurls Art

Gurls Talk with Venetia Berry

South London based artist Venetia Berry paints the nude female figure through an abstracted lens

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Gurls Talk Representation

The Black Experience

A reminder that blackness does not define human beings, it completes them.

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The Heartburglar

A Stolen Heart!

Gurls Talk is coming to Ghana!

Good Asian Girls


Disney gone Rogue

If one young black girl can see my art in seeing that representation and seeing a woman like her feel inspired I’ve done my job as an artist.

Losing my son to addiction By Anne Rogers

It is almost 13 years since my youngest son Ben died

Living with an addict: Jennifer Davis

18 years of co-dependency

My addiction story: Kaylyn Planes

I’m no longer a slave to my addiction. I’m free, I’m alive, and sometimes, I still can’t believe it

Everyone Here is Anonymous

It suddenly occurred to me that this was my first time in an airport sober

Beating Addiction

Admitting that you have an addiction of any kind is the first step to recovery it’s probably the hardest thing to do because of the side effects to addiction, as well as the guilt, remorse, shame, embarrassment, and disappointment and reality soon hits home, it did for me.

Nan’s House: A Photo Diary by Claire Coulton

I couldn't bear to not remember...

All I know about grief and loss (and everything I learnt along the way) : By Lottie Lander

Growing up I experienced a lot of death. My twin brother, my dad, both granddads and my uncle all died before I was legally a ‘grown up’.

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

But then there's the stereotype. Black people can't swim. And my mum and I were having none of that. In class, I could see myself as the only black girl at the deep end of the pool and it both pushed and perplexed me to carry on in the water.

How My Skin Took Over My Mind

Think it is safe to say my life hasn’t been plain sailing, yet from the outside looking in people seem to think otherwise, that is why it is so important to truly use that saying you learnt when you were a kid – don’t judge a book by its cover.

Grief: By Rachael Nutt

I suppose my advice to you, the reader(s) is to teach yourself to not just exist without your loved one, strive to do great things for them.

Time to Talk

I have suffered with mental health issues for over a year now, which I guess is a small amount of time in comparison to others. I crash every so often but I’ve learnt talking about those lows can create highs and can help me with my recovery and stability.

Adwoa’s bus that trumps hate

Gurls Talk teamed up with Romance Journal and Women Under the Influence in January for the Women's March on Washington D.C. check out the video we made together! Featuring so many incredible women and interviews. Check it out below:

An ode to the masterpiece that is the female anatomy

As any young female I have struggled with self acceptance, learning to have a voice, and the constant battle with conforming to society's ideals of how I should be.

Channeling Bi-polar + OCD Into Art

I was diagnosed, or doctors like to say, that I am bipolar and obsessive compulsive.The only thing I know for sure is that my most loved disorder is my passion for Art! It has really helped me, not being painless but feeling that my problems can be useful if I am able to canalize them through painting.

The Unresolved

I find a strange comfort in collecting images, It's a way of filling my head with beautiful things, dulls any pain and masks insecurity. Collecting images of women feels as if I'm collecting wild flowers-building a personal Eden

This Zine Is Celebrating the Creative Womxn of Manchester

From activists to Olympians, musicians to politicians, there is a long history of pioneering women who have helped shape Manchester’s culture. But with that being said, why do we only associate the Northern city’s popular culture with cisgendered men?

On Grief – Kitty Wordsworth

My dad died a month after my tenth birthday.