I recently bought an essential oil aroma mystifier which changed my life. It calms me down and makes my room feel like a spa. Eucalyptus oil is really good for singers. And lavender puts me to sleep.

I definitely like to stay in because I usually go to the studio Monday through Friday so I can’t be out partying and drinking I just need to relax and stay at home. I find that I – it’s hard for me to clean my room sometimes, just because I’m so busy all the time and when I’m not busy I just like to relax and watch a show but if I’m home and I have time, I always clean on a Sunday – it doesn’t take me too long but I always forget that until I do it. But once I do it I realise I should do it day by day and it will be a lot easier – less chaos.

I have a beauty regime every day now – I realised I won’t be young forever!  So Sunday is no different. I use this brand called Renee Rouleau- she does facials and has her own skincare line and she reached out to me on Instagram. I have dry skin – no wait she told me it’s not dry it’s dehydrated. She realised this after a facial and so she made my own personal skincare routine – since then I’ve been using that it’s been less bumpy and red & pretty much break out free so I do that morning and night. It’s a form of meditation. Sometimes on Sundays, I’ll do an extra face mask or a facial – something like that for an extra bit of care. These 10 minutes every day can make me feel so much better and healthier – I feel good about myself when I do this.

I also go on a run to feel good and I usually do that on a Saturday or Sunday. I live next to a park and it’s 3 miles around so after a nice 30 minute run I feel amazing and then I’ll get myself an iced coffee (I can’t drink coffee on tour because it’s bad for my voice so I splurge when I’m not touring or recording!) Then I go home and watch Netflix and take a nap – simple things are the best for me. And I love movies at home – the movie theatre is always too cold and I fall asleep.

Sometimes when I have ideas or concepts I’ll end up recording voice notes for myself, or sometimes I’ll write it in my notes on my iPhone – it kind of sucks that iPhones took over any type of writing for me (Instagram is too tempting when you’re already on the phone) I have journals that I don’t end up using anymore; but I do have really nice handwriting.

I tend to write my songs at the studio because even though I love to write music, when it becomes your job and your income it becomes harder to separate  – a little bit harder to write all the time – like when I’m home I might get my guitar out but it’s more and more rare.

I live in New York and I have a lot of close friends around the world but barely any of them live in NYC – maybe one or two but they’re often busy. So I won’t see friends on a Sunday unless they’re in from out of town. I like to be alone – I’m a very strong blend of introverted and extroverted – the most introverted extrovert you can meet.  I enjoy my alone time, ALOT but friendship is really important to me so I have to travel to see my friends some weekends. I have a best friend in Florida, one in London, one in Dubai, Sanfrancisco where I’m from – it’s kind of hard but we try to face time as much as possible.

I like to take myself out on dates too. Being alone and going out to eat is more fun than people can imagine. I love Indian food, so I went to an Indian restaurant on my birthday and I was really excited because I wanted to get myself some wine – so I ordered my food but they didn’t sell alcohol in this particular place! So I was forced to sit there, alone and be sober on my birthday. It was a tragedy haha.

Sunday isn’t really about family for me at the moment. My mum and I used to live together but she’s just moved back to California. So now both my parents live in California and the rest of my family live in France and Algeria – at my last show in Paris all my French family came to support – sometimes I perform on Sundays and that’s ok too.  They were crying at the front which was hard- I could look at them when I was performing.

I’m caring – I care about the people in my life but I also care about myself. I put myself first sometimes – if I’m not good I can’t do anything good so I always make sure I’m ok before I give everything to someone else. Maybe i’m selfish but I’m a caring selfish person.