Dear Georgia,

Right now, it is okay to believe ignorance is bliss. You are about to enter a whole new phase of your life but there appear to be some obstacles ahead. You don’t want to accept the plan you made for yourself isn’t quite going to play out as you thought it would. It feels like you are supposed to experience so many new things now, but instead, the universe is granting you a pause.

I know it’s hard for us, but try to not overthink. You may associate the upcoming years with confusion and doubt, but the challenges you face and the uncertainty that lies ahead will shape you into the person you never thought you could be, independent and courageous. You believe you have to be practical and realistic in every situation, but that’s not completely true. Immerse yourself in your passions and appreciate the little things that bring you joy, you deserve it.

I know you feel like you are wasting time, but I promise you aren’t. The time you get to spend with those closest to you will aid you in identifying the traits you value most in people. Almost by default, your closest friends will emerge among the chaos, and you can laugh, watch movies, pick up hobbies, and spiral with each other because what else can you do?

You’ll learn a lot about your brain. About how you respond to bad news, how you practice self-love and your curiosity about almost everything. The time alone will give you the space to realize a lot about yourself. You’ll discover what you are really passionate about and get excited about the opportunities that await.

I also want you to know it is okay to feel all your feelings. It can be overwhelming to express emotion, but it’s harder to perform and I promise you’ll feel better.

Lastly, I promise you’ll look back on this time and admire the growth you’ve made. Hang in there!

With peace and love,
Georgia Kisob