Dear Pre-Pandemic Sarah,

Firstly, I want to thank you for all the ramen, Korean BBQ and delicious tacos you devoured before moving back to our barren small-town. I dream of these meals often!

Nothing Is going to go exactly to plan in the coming years. Your plans will cancel, change and evolve- and that’s okay. Instead of venturing on new journey’s you will return to the familiar and strengthen your roots. Things aren’t quite as you’d imagined in 2022- but they are going wonderfully.

I feel it important to remind that there is only one of you. You are creative, loud, caring, patient, adventurous and loving.  Comparing yourself to others is only dimming your own shine. You are only holding yourself back with your thoughts of doubt and insecurity. Wear what you want because you look amazing, and crop tops are for everyone. Quit dating city boys and spend more time with your girlfriends- they are the loves of your life.

Also, always remember that everyone around you loves you for exactly who you are.

I know this is vague, but I’m not giving too many spoilers! I’m also hoping future Sarah has some pointers for present day Sarah…

Love you.

Sarah H