Dear Pre-Pandemic self,

You just got back from Korea. You’re so excited to go home. But trust me, you’re going to miss it deeply. You’re going to experience the most intense heartbreak. You’re going to seek refuge in the wrong people, over and over, until you learn the lesson. You’re going to think you’re the worst person who ever graced the planet. You’re going to muster the courage to start over. You’ll be back in your childhood bedroom, after dropping out of college. You’re going to go for it. You’re going to get a lot of no’s. You’ll get a few yes’s. You’ll find yourself questioning whether the yes’s were really meant for you. You’ll be surrounded by people you’ve dreamt of finding for a lifetime. Life will feel very still. You’re so used to the sweat of the desert or the cleanse of the ocean. Sit with the still breeze.