A love letter to the black community

I wanted to give you something just for you 

Away from the prying hands of appropriators

This is one thing they can’t fake 

Can’t steal 

Can’t popularise 

What it really is to be black

For every time you’ve been told you ‘speak well for a black person’

For every time you’ve been asked ‘but where are you really from?’

For every one of the countless times that someone has said ‘can I touch your hair?’

For every time someone has forced you into an awkward conversation

at a dinner table / work event / birthday party 

examining you like something exotic 

There have been the overwhelming number of times that make it worth every second 

We’ve had the littest parties

The wickedest whines

The sickest tunes 

The most seasoned food

The most slicked edges

The unmatched laughter  

The understanding 

Of what it is to be black 

We celebrate our excellence 

Our scientific developments



The bits of history they don’t tell

We celebrate our successes

Not just think about the frustration of what it is

To have to justify our existence 

For every time we’ve just enjoyed being in the company of people who just ‘get it’

The solidarity

The community 

The love

It’s all part of our experience 

Something that can’t be faked 

Something that can’t be taken

We know that when we march, we post, we fight

for what we believe in

It will not be in vain 

Keep going, smiling, laughing, loving

This is a love letter just for you.