My parents live in Nottingham, they moved like two years ago to save money and be closer to my brother who lives up there too. I don’t get to see them as much now, but I saw a photo on Facebook of this bird place they went to, where all the birds get to fly around free and it looked so amazing, I told them I had to go. My family is quite mad and so when we meet up we often do stuff like that, we’ve been to trampoline world or adventure parks – it’s rarely just hanging out at the house. This day took months of planning because none of our calendars lined up well enough, but eventually, we found a date and I was mad looking forward to it… I even had a dream about a talking macaw the night before.


It was a really nice day, there were birds climbing up my arms and flying all around us. I love birds so much, they’re so clever and beautiful, I used to have one, an Indian ringneck called Buddy. At the end of the day though, as we were leaving this one bird wouldn’t leave me alone, he was mad needy and followed and flew around with me for ages (I thought it was some spiritual connection, but it was more than likely because I kept giving it treats) then it pooed on my head. We decided to leave after that, but as we got to this bit at the end of the bird park there were so many of them swarming around us, and I suddenly got attacked by two macaws right after this picture was taken!


Because we’d gone during the week, there were hardly any staff around who could help. My dad was trying to pull them off and he kept going, “they’re bloody strong!” he couldn’t get them off me, it was so mad! It was a good day all in all though, and nice to spend time with my mum and dad who I don’t get to see as much since they moved. My mum is really the host of the family, she’s always cooking and finding a reason to have parties or turn something into an event for no reason. My dad is a DJ so he loves to play music, he’s hilarious, he likes to think he’s the comedian of the family – he’s not, but we won’t tell him that.