My NUMBER ONE go-to make-me-happy activity is to dress up, cause, for me, my clothes are like a comfort blanket. Wearing fun clothes puts me in my comfort zone. For the video for my first single ‘Colours’, I wrote the treatment based around that idea: the concept is that dressing up in whatever way that makes you feel like you’re BEING YOURSELF makes you happy, and makes others around you happy too.
The day I filmed this video, I was having a sad day, someone on the train gave me a dirty look and it just set me off and made me upset. Every time someone’s mean to me I always call up my mum, my best friend or my boyfriend and put it in my family group chat and that’s usually enough to get me back up! 
I don’t know why, but pretty often, people stare and point at me. I’m used to it now so I can normally just shrug it off. I think it’s a mixture of people really not enjoying my FAVE selection of chunky shoes and bling and trying to work out where I’m from with my blonde hair and brows and tanned skin! In case you’re wondering, I’m half Chinese, my Dad is from Hong Kong. ANYWAY, I was having a S.A.D day (sidenote: Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL) and decided to spend some time with my family cause that also always makes me feel better. I got home, slipped into my new fave age 12 Gucci dress (another great form of self care is to TREAT YOURSELF if you’ve been working hard, YOU DESERVE IT !!!) and cute little navy platform Kickers and played some loud music in the living room. Obvs my sisters Maya and Vic joined me – my other sis Alex was at work 🙁 – and we just LOVE a good old dance! Maya put on Million Dollar Bill by Whitney Houston and I just couldn’t help but put my phone on the ledge and film a catwalk with them! One take and it was done!! I actually felt energised and all the sadness inside me just left!! 
So, moral of the story is, SELF CARE is important. Even if that’s just catwalking around your living room to loud music. It might feel silly at first but trust me, it really works.