Started the day at 6am. We were shooting a video for my song “Corner” and the call time was for 7am so I wanted to make sure I was super on time. Turns out, my call time was at 8am and I was the first person to get on set. I was happy though – I knew we’d all have a long day, didn’t mind if mine would be the longest. By the time I took this picture so many things had started going wrong, it was an outdoor shoot and it was raining (even though the forecast said it would be bright and sunny). I tried my best to stay happy regardless because I didn’t want my energy to rub onto the rest of the cast. We were a really large cast so I tried to keep my cool all through. Shooting a video in Lagos is particularly exhausting, plus we were shooting on a university campus so we had people spectating everything we were doing. Despite this, we still managed to keep the energy up. It was a shoot but we definitely put on a show. The day ended at 12am but it was well worth it. Video turned out great and everyone who was involved is still super proud of it. That makes me happy. “Corner” is a song about taking shortcuts, in Nigeria “doing corner corner” means taking the easy route. In the video I’m the leader of a group that saves the day. We stop a gang on campus from harassing people and we stop lecturers from harassing students. No shortcuts on my watch. I chose this specific picture because for me it oozes power. I feel like a superhero and I look like one, plus it’s pretty cool.