Basically, this photo is me, pre-performance at a Festival in Ireland. The day before, i performed at APE, and it started chucking it down as me and my mate Alaska was leaving. We were both shivering as all i had was my silk fire shirt/shorts on and she was wearing a tiny thin lace skirt + vest that was soaked through. Then, we saw a security guard searching someones bag on a table with his big warm security coat on the table behind him and i jokingly said “take that then” and next thing I knew, she literally yanked it from behind him and sprinted….i saw the coat whack him as we started running but he couldn’t chase after us because he was stationed at that stall searching ppl – when she put it on i realised it actually was a 10/10 hi-vis fashion look and was like “fuck it imma wear it to the next festival.”

The day we went to Ireland, it was a really cold rainy day. It was crazy because when we left London it was really hot – one of those freak Summer days. And, I don’t know why – because whenever I get off the plane from the UK, I always expect it to be warmer but it was actually way colder than London. Getting there was really quick, in my head it felt like the same amount of time it takes me to get from Ladbroke Grove (my home) to Peckham – so it was calm. I loved Ireland – everyone was like ‘this weather is standard.’ I really get on with Irish people, they’re really fun and chummy – my best mate Jess (Biig Piig) is Irish and I’ve always said Old Irish men remind me of old Jamaican men, they both love Guinness and they both kinda talk like Yardies. The Irish crowd at the festival were super cool – all the people at the front came specifically for me and knew all the lyrics and it was just mad seeing Irish people singing my tunes – with an Irish accent.

So, back to the Instagram photo – I DIY customed the back of the Alaska ‘borrowed’ hi-vis jacket from APE, with some car dent black spray paint from Poundland and paired them with some shades from the 2nd hand shop on portobello, hi-vis shorts, and a bucket hat….next thing you know my lil’ look was all over British Vogue as one of the best Festival looks!

Coming back (post photo) was a whole other deal. It was just me, my DJ Parallel and our tour manager Sheldon and just as we were checking in with our boarding passes it let me in “Boop” and then the women wouldn’t let them in and she was just like “computer says no” – and it turns out their ticket had been made void by the airline. And basically, it turns out the airline had sent emails saying that the flight had been over capacity and they’d had to move some people, and Sheldon and Parallel were some of those people – it was completely hidden in the body of the email. Anyway we had to spend 2 extra hours in Ireland sorting it out… I’m not going to give exact details but I then ended up in Coventry. I was meant to be at a birthday dinner for someone dear to me – I was meant to get a direct flight to Birmingham but it got cancelled – so I went back to London and got a coach up. I ended up at a rave in Coventry – a proper little northern rave.