I find inspiration in my everyday life, therefore many of my work arises unplanned and accidentally. It´s connected to my emotions and passions of the moment.

The central topic I explore is about what it feels like to grow up as a 20- Something – year old girl in the age of digitalization and political changes. I think we should talk more about the normal and real things that happen to us in our daily life. We need more honest conversations about issues that really concern us, even if they are perceived as unpleasant by society.

On Instagram and Co. we mostly only see the extraordinary and so seemingly perfect life of people we mostly do not know in person. While we chill at home on a Friday night with a big pack of Doritos and Netflix, we are informed by Instagram that, at the same moment, the girl with the 100k followers and the perfect body seems to be having a lot of fun at a super cool party. We are always under pressure to get more followers, a cool profile, and as many likes as possible. We constantly compare ourselves with others and try to be just as cool and beautiful, or even cooler and more beautiful. It makes you fucking crazy! My pictures aim to show what the life of an adolescent girl and young woman behind the iPhone screen really is like, and with which things a girl/ young woman has to deal with. They are supposed to show the other side of this digital social media worlds.