Foetal position never gets old, but it’s much more comfortable on the earth. Remember this when you are floating in your silver bubble waiting for your rebirth. You will totally try and fit in and be like the other female humans, you will wear the same clothes and say the same words but they really aren’t speaking our language. Try not to be disheartened, you are an alien after all.

You don’t need to be too hung up on our human body outfit for long, I know this because it changes! Yes, humans can shape-shift too but for them it’s mostly unintentional. Their round parts get wider and their faces more angular. They learn to document it in a snapshot but even these ‘pictures’ are manipulated to disguise the transience of their outer skins. It will feel strange and unsettling at first, but you’ll quickly learn to use this shapeshifting power to your advantage. Turns out the human body is a great canvas for all sorts of things; clothing, faces, performances. You will have a great time exploring this.

You will, at some point, realise humans have these things called ‘emotions’. We have them too, and they translate pretty similarly on Earth but you will at times shock people with your expression. The humans feel these things but they usually keep them to themselves, often to their detriment.

I know you feel like things will all work out; well they will. There will just be some big hiccups along the way. Hiccups are these cute noises humans make when they drink too much fizzy coca cola and breathe at the same time and it tangles up their insides. They feel painful when plagued with them, but it is honestly SUCH a relief when you come out the other side hiccup-free. Just try to remember the relief, it’s all worth it for the relief.

Grace Lightman’s debut album ‘Silver Eater’ is out 19th July