Dear Natsx,

You’re probably too busy to read this but just stop for a minute and think. Take this from future you… you’re doing too much. Stop setting the bar impossibly high so that you’re kicking yourself rather than celebrating your successes and wins. Learn to say no so that you can give your best to those who need it. Trust that good people will understand that. Oh yeah and stop being so scared of making mistakes. You are the comeback QUEEN.

You need to learn how to let your hair down, girl. Nothing is promised – you’ve got to enjoy the journey as well as the rewards.

Take your own advice. Trust in yourself and be the master of your own destiny. Don’t put your career in the hands of people who won’t move you forward or let you shine until they do first.

Stop talking so much to hide your lack of confidence. And by the way, don’t be afraid of silence when talking to people. It doesn’t mean they’re realising you don’t fit in. Time to think is NOT dangerous. But drop the posh voice. Everyone knows you’re an East Ender.

By the way, your ‘nerdiness’ is the thing that will keep you sane!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll drive a Porsche at some point in your life, wear a Rolex, own your own house. But it’s about being happy in yourself. Building a family and a business, making your loved ones proud… these are the things you’ll think about. Success is more important than wealth or popularity. You’ll find that it’s about looking back and being satisfied with yourself and who you have around you.

Don’t be disappointed when friends can’t meet your standards, they can’t help it. Oh, and forgive your mum. You really don’t know what it’s like until you’ve had one. (Yes, you will have one).

Life is a collection of stories. Go out there and live some. This is what you’re gonna share in the future and these are the things that will make you laugh. Laughing is your favourite thing to do and always will be. Travel often to escape and gain perspective. There are some amazing restaurants in Bali, cocktails in Hawaii and music in Miami that it just there waiting for ya.

Stop driving so fast. There are other people on the road.

DON’T let men waste your time. Dump that boyfriend! Have lots of casual affairs with condom-wearing suiters til your 30. You’re only gonna meet 1 guy that’s worth it and that comes much later in life. The big M word is coming. It’s OK, it’s not as bad as you think!

If there’s one last thing that I ask, it’s that you let people take photos of you. You’re pretty damn hot if I do say so myself AND you didn’t have to tuck your belly in back then. The liberties…

While we’re on that note, stop eating leftover pizza for breakfast. Your metabolism will catch up with you sooner than you think, and you’ll pay for it.

A couple more things you might find mildly interesting:


  • Soon the internet won’t make noises and you’ll be able to research the tallest skyscrapers and Japanese electronic music from the 80’s and the Shah of Iran at the click of a button.
  • Your degree will teach you diligence but that’s about all. You really should take advantage of all those extra-curricular activities.


PS. You might wanna get used to carrying hand sanitiser around. Just saying.


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