For the arms that hold me
When I feel so very lonely 
And the legs that carry me
When I walk.

Dear present me.

For the fingers that trace the frame of my face 
For the words that fall from my lips 
For the hands that hold onto the present moment 
For a quieted mind and bliss.

You were never anything less than a shooting star 
Tell me my love, why do you fear ?
For the times you needed something more than yourself 
I have always been here

Dear present me.

Do you wonder where your quietness will lead you ? 
Do you wonder where your stillness will take you?
Did you wake up this morning
With a featherlight heart?
And for your daily bread, say thank you?

Does the thought of being alone 
Still daunt you?
Tell me my love, why do you fear?
The constellations in the sky are arranged just for you 
Call on the creator, she is near. 

Dear present me.
With Love,