So I wrote this letter to my younger self and it goes a little something like this.
Hey Vanice, yeah I said Vanice, but I’ll call you Cookiee for this one. Do you know you’re going to be a star one day? No seriously, I know it seems far fetched but you’re really dope. All the things you think you’re just really good at are gifts and if you focus all of your energy on that it might be little bit easier to get to the stage that I’m at now. I’m writing this letter because I’m you and you’re me. I wanna remind you that you matter and your voice matters. No matter what the haters say – no matter what those kids that tease you say – they’ll eat their words one day. All you have to do is believe in yourself and you’ll do just that. Make them eat their words. Do not get in a relationship. I know you want to be loved and you’ll probably yearn for that even more when grandma goes home. That will be hard one for you but she’s always going to be with you every step of the way. And oh what a journey it will be. I can say a whole bunch of mushy meaningful stuff but that kind of talk doesn’t phase you. You like real, uncut, so I’ll make it short and sweet. Be you. Do you. Trust your gut, never let anyone tell you being yourself is too much and not enough. You’re made for greatness and the more you own that and own everything about you, you’ll be unstoppable. You’re a ninja and ninjas never fold. I can’t wait to see what you become. Signed, older self.