Last week Gurls Talk x Nike landed in Paris. Unfortunately Adowa was unable to attend, but friend of Gurls Talk visionary artist Rhea Dillion led the conversation with our phenomenal panel – the creative visionary Grace Ladoja, Olympic Champion Caster Semenya, Empowerer of women Lyon Malandro and Laura Georges, Secretary General of the French Football Federation.

Our gurls turned out in their hundreds, completely filling the venue for an evening of discussions, advice and words of empowerment…we all left Paris filled with words of wisdom!

Thanks again to Nike, all of our gurls and our amazing panellists for such a great evening. Below are just a few of our favourite moments, make sure to share yours with us over at @gurlstalk on Instagram.

“Don’t expect to go from 0-100mph. It’s the steps in between that are important… use your network to support you and to build your community. Don’t base what you’re doing on the Internet – make it real. It’s great that we have the internet but think bigger. We are all born to do something….think of your purpose. Everyone around you should be supporting your journey.”
– Grace Ladoja
“There is a space for you. There is a space for people like you. I think more and more place we take in the public sphere, the more people will see us and the more things will change. We have things to do! You will always have a place.”
– Lyna Malandro
“Everyone is beautiful but everyone is different. If you only see the difference you will never see the beauty in others.
The people who are criticising your work are giving you the best gift in life….take it, they want you to be better. They’re going to drive you to the next level.
Sometimes we forget who we are to please others but I’m sticking to this. I learnt to stick with who I am. In the bad times, at least I know who I am.”
– Laura Georges
“It’s about you. It’s about what you see in yourself. If you accept yourself, you can be the best human being you can ask. The noise does not exist. Silence it…and focus.
I might look like this and have a deep voice but at the end of the day – it’s my identity. If you want people to accept you, you need to help and respect yourself. I’m not ashamed of myself. It’s not about me, it’s about you accepting me. I am born a woman, I am raised a woman – the only thing I am going to do in this life, is keep winning – whether you accept me or not. When you throw all those stones for me, you build a house.”
– Caster Semenya