Confetti Crowd are a group of 20-something ambitious, independent, determined and career driven girls, aiming to inspire and empower young females across the globe. Living proof that you can turn any dream or crazy idea into a job.

“We met through working in the creative industries as individuals but came together through our love of colourful fashion. Each of us brings something unique to the group. What makes us work together so well as a collective is our very real best-friendship. We support each other’s every idea and help bring out the best in each other’s talents. Together we want to end girl hate and encourage girls from every walk of life to love and support each other”.

It is fundamental to always surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who support you in every way. Whether that be family, friends or online followers, it is essential for everyone to feel comfortable and that they have someone to turn to. It is so important for young people to know they are not alone in their struggles and insecurities. Self-expression is so necessary yet so many people feel scared or embarrassed to be 100% themselves. However, when you have people around you that are your number one fans, self-expression becomes easy. Look for people who build you up and never ever tear you down. It should also be said that this support system can also be found online, after all, that’s how we as individuals became Confetti Crowd. Confetti @HeidiPetite developed the idea for creating a girl gang of creatives and reached out to us all online asking if we wanted to be part of the movement, now three years down the line, here we are! So don’t be afraid to reach out to others online if you think you could be IRL friends – most of our best friends are people we’ve met online – it’s as simple as a comment or a DM!

For us, Confetti Crowd started as a place of unlimited self-expression, through sassy rainbow fashion but at its core, it is a female empowerment movement. From this we have all developed our own businesses, and Confetti Crowd has become a safe place for all, preaching that you are not defined by your gender, skin colour, culture, class, sexual preference, weight or any other outdated ideal.

On a weekly basis, Confetti Crowd tries to kick-start a conversation via their social media platforms, by discussing a variation of topics that fall under: Mental Health Monday, Taboo Tuesday, No Worries Wednesday, Talk Love Thursday, Female Empowerment Friday, Save the World Saturday and Super Boss Sunday. With the intention that by opening up these topics, it helps create a community online where young girls feel safe to open up, seek help, talk about their issues and be themselves amongst other like-minded people.

“We hope to inspire girls who may dream of owning their own business, working from home, becoming a girl boss or going self-employed. Creating a community of successful female entrepreneurs who support each other instead of competing against each other. Inspiring young girls to find their style at an early age and proving that it’s ok to dress differently! In life, we have all been picked on for dressing “weird”, but remember that first, they laugh – then they copy.”

One of the most rewarding things about our job is working with so many incredible brands across the UK. The last year’s collaborations have included brands such as Nike, Malibu, Adidas, Vans, Swatch, Illamasqua, Primark, Topshop, Schuh, Missguided, and Dr Martens. Each campaign the gang are involved in contributes to their ultimate objectives of uniting young people internationally and staying true to yourself, by being whoever you want to be, living your best life and not caring about what anyone thinks!

However, the best thing about being a part of Confetti Crowd is the number of people we inspire through what we post online. We get daily messages from girls and boys, young and old, telling us how we’ve helped them find confidence, banish their insecurities or made them feel comfortable in their own skin. It is extremely fulfilling to hear – we are so grateful to be able to inspire others and that we get to help, educate and spread kindness/love through the internet.