Rejection is protection and unrequited love is a reminder that you should pour into yourself first – always. You will learn this more as you grow. Your beauty truly exceeds the surface, your aura is felt, you’ve been set apart for a reason and one day you will understand why.

Big heart, big dreams, such great qualities to have, don’t become like those who have let you down. Celebrate your emotional intelligence, comprehension, being receptive to others and how they feel, your commitment to growth will make you an even better person to be around. Work through the passive aggression, it’s a trauma response, you will be glad to know that you eventually work yourself out of this regressive childhood pattern. Express how you feel, teach people how to treat you and will have flourishing, nourishing connections that will stand the test of time. It’s OK to Release. You are not weak.

Remember, the light you carry means that you will draw dark individuals to you – they’d want to absorb it. Others will project because they don’t know themselves. You will learn how to distinguish what your OWN emotional baggage is and what belongs to ‘them’ soon, but for the meantime, these relationships (seasons) will help you establish a better sense of self. You are in the cocoon stages of your evolution and the butterfly chapter is fast approaching.

Don’t rush your youth away, I know this is one of your methods of mental escape! Take in every moment of pure bliss, joy and the lack of major responsibility as that will be the ultimate theme of your adult years.

The adults in your lives make mistakes, forgive them, they are not heroes – sadly the capes fall off when you realise that they are actually human. Compassion for others, means that you’d have compassion for yourself when you fail.

That gift that you think is a burden will open doors for you and break down generational patterns – you’ll be the first in many things. Take each day as it comes and prepare, master your craft, your purpose will make you powerful one day.

Don’t fight your true identity, I know it’s the easiest to blend in, to avoid opposition but you are suffocating, you don’t fit into traditional boxes. Celebrate your fluidity. Thrive in your authenticity, it will empower others. You are not weird or alternative or the ‘other’, you are divinely unique, one of a damn kind.

Being bold personally and professionally will lead to many wonderful life experiences. Work on all aspects of your energy, it’s OK to be soft as a Black Woman. You are not monolithic, bask in the many dimensions of you. There will be safer spaces developed and networks for you to join, and transformational relationships await you… hang on…abundant blessings are en route.