“The Sidewalk”

If life was a road
it would have many twists and turns
many connections
many versions of the same thing
many intersections with other people’s lives
speedbumps that are people’s remarks
this is for the pedestrians.
for the lonely souls that watch life go on in the fast lane
and never join in on the excitement
for fear of crashing
for the fear of not making the right turn
for the fear of never making the right turn
for the fear they already made the wrong turn
but one has to ask themselves
if making the wrong turn is as bad as everyone makes it out to be
the worst thing a wrong turn can do is make the journey longer
and a longer journey makes for more experiences
more experiences make for more understanding
and understanding is what shapes the most brilliant minds
so dear pedestrian
if walking on the sidewalk to get to your destination is what you need
then do that by all means
the longest journeys make the best stories
the sidewalk may seem sad to you
but to me it’s bittersweet
bitter for the pain and sweet for the knowledge
so dear pedestrian
those fast cars will never learn the footsteps your own two feet have danced
you make the sidewalk look like a boardwalk
the sidewalk look like an aftershock
hold the badge of honor every-time someone asks you how you came to the party
and you answer with
the sidewalk.